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Company Tour

Through the company tour, customers receive a general and quick understanding of our manufacturing process and products.

  • Office building
  • The building will be finished in 2017, and is designed to offer a more comfortable and pleasant working environment for our workers.

  • Finished product warehouse
  • The warehouse covers an area of 16,000 square meters. The first and second floors are used for storing treadmills. Every five treadmills are placed together in order to avoid rack deformation. The second floor is also our electrical mechanical workshop.

  • Raw materials
  • Each batch of raw materials is purchased from reliable steel suppliers. We conduct strict and industry-standard inspection to guarantee the quality of our running machines. Each steel tube is more than1.75mm thick.

  • Han's laser machine
  • The advanced laser machine is able to cut steel materials of any shape. Working automatically, this machine achieves a daily production of 800 sets. Designed and manufactured to be extremely precise, the laser machine achieves smooth and accurate cutting.

  • Welding robots
  • We introduced welding robots from KUKA and OTC for uniform and high-quality welding effects. The fully-automated and all-direction design leads to dedicated welding results and no welding slag, which guarantees high production and a great quality.

  • Acid pickling
  • The 450 meter production line houses a full range of processes, including phosphating, acid pickling and electrostatic powder coating with a fully automated mode. We highly value environmental protection and only use ROHS-certified plastic powder as a solvent. The entire manufacturing process is conducted under strict and standard supervision.

  • KUKA welding robot
  • The robotic arm is welding steel materials.

  • Laser boring
  • Fully automated coating equipment
  • Rough finished workpiece
  • The workpieces are stored temporarily here while waiting to enter the assembly workshop.

  • Assembly line
  • We are equipped with 6 assembly lines and a sound-proof room. Each treadmill must undergo standard supervision.

  • Processing
  • Our company manufactures 1,500 sets of running machines every day, which are delivered to over 20 countries and regions.

  • Frame fixing
  • Panel assembly
  • Packaging
  • For packaging, we use six-layer honeycomb paper, contoured foam and airbags. Additionally, a strict anti-impact test will be run on every treadmill.

  • Testing instruments
  • Advanced test facilities are bought to do inspection and monitoring to all products. Before appearing on the market, each piece of fitness equipment must go through a series of tests for one month.

  • Comprehensive testing device
  • Power tester
  • Motor inspection
  • 8008B light commercial treadmill
  • Delivery
  • Every day, 5 containers of treadmills will leave our factory and be delivered all over the globe.

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